Private Banking:  Make sure your family has its own bank of funds so you are in total control of your financial future.  This is a tax free system and is a great place to put monies away for retirement or for your future investments.  We are the premier experts in the country on these types of programs and serve clients from coast to coast.

Income Efficiency Strategy:  We show business owners how to fine tune their existing company structure to dramatically reduce their income taxes and improving your net money to drive a fantastic retirement.  This is an exclusive strategy that is structured by one of the top level tax attorneys in the country.  These programs have been successfully implemented since 1998.

Real Estate Investment: Consultation and brokerage services.  We are in our third decade of real estate sales and service in Southeast Michigan.  If you are interested in owning investment real estate as part of your wealth portfolio our team with over 23 years experience is here to guide you.

Guaranteed Income Plan:  Built and customized for you and your family.  Do you know how much monthly income you will have for retirement?  Not a guess and no "what if" scenarios.  We build income plans that show you how much you are on pace for now, and if there is a shortfall, how to recover and retire comfortably.

401k Maximization:  Perpetual Wealth Systems work with companies that have existing 401k's.  We help to maximize growth, stop downside losses, and reduce fees in the plan.  We show business owners how to turn their 401k into a "paycheck for life" machine for them and their employees.

Private Pensions:  Provide lifelong income for you and your spouse, no matter how long you live.  This program stops "potential loss"  and helps should you ever need home health care or long term care services.  It also offers a guaranteed strong rate of return.  There are also attractive immediate bonuses available.  This is a great place to put IRA and 401k monies to grow and protect the funds.

Social Security Optimization:  did you know that there are over a dozen things that will affect your social security retirement benefit?  Most people think the only thing that matters is how old they are when they start to draw their benefit.  Not knowing how social security works can cost you tens of thousands of dollars per year of personal income.  We have an exclusive social security software program that will ensure you get the maximum benefit you deserve.

our services

We offer a variety of services for you and your family.  We bring world class education and cutting edge financial programs to our personal and business clients.  Perpetual Wealth Systems, home to Real Estate Agents Build Wealth, work with some of the top financial minds in the country so you are in truly unique and able hands.  Let us build you a total financial plan for your personal and/or business life.  Call us today for a free wealth strategy consultation.